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Johnston Club Lambs Online Sale - Sale begins on January 4, 2021 at 8pm EST. Sale ends on January 5, 2021 at 9pm EST/6pm PST. HORSE RACE STYLE CLOSING FORMAT!!! If you have any questions on this type of auction, please contact sale management.

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Tag: 20287
Sire: Larry Bird (Fowl x Mountain Man)
Dam: Harriet (Pony Boy x Mountain Man)
Dam's Sire: Pony Boy (Mountain Man x Lou)
Sex: Ewe
Birthdate: 11/2/2020
Breed: Natural
Comments: If you have been to our place in the last year, you know how selfish we are with the Larry Bird females. We have decided to turn a new leaf in 2021 and share the love, so pay attention!! She is skinny, but we would bet on this one hard. Mom's line has never let us down, and we don't think they're about to start. Check out her rear shot and you can see what we mean. For as immature and skinny as she is, her hip and stifle shape are tremendous and her rib cage is extra round. Feed her for a month and this is a bonafide stud ewe. Not to mention she will have some giant ole legs on her. We hate selling Larry's, but I guess the Grinch's (Caleb) heart grew 3 sizes over so here we are!
Location of Animals: New Plymouth, ID
Consignor Contact Info: Johnston Club Lambs * Katrina (208) 412-7960; Caleb (208) 695-8523 or
Website: Johnston Club Lambs
Delivery Options: 1) Delivery to Pacific Elite, Fresno, CA and points west of Reno along I-80 on January 7. 2) N ID, WA, MT, OR - Cody Lacy - 509-432-4514 3) I-80 east - $100 4) I-40 east - $125 5) For other options please email Gary at

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This sale has ended. An invoice will be emailed to the winning bidders shortly. Thank you for your business.

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