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Johnston Club Lambs Online Sale - Sale begins on May 11, 2020 at 8pm EST. Sale ends on May 12, 2020 at 9pm EST/6pm PST. HORSE RACE STYLE CLOSING FORMAT!!! If you have any questions on this type of auction, please contact sale management.

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Tag: 20439
Sire: Awkward Todd (Change Up x Rudy)
Dam: 1925 (Blue Blood x Stones)
Dam's Sire: Blue Blood
Sex: Ewe
Birthdate: 2/8/2020
Breed: Registered Dorset
Comments: If dorset ewe lambs were housewives this one would be Helga, and she could beat the snot out of you with any cooking utensil known to man. Point is: she is beefy. If you're hunting for a dorset that will be a show ewe, probably not your cup of tea; she isn't crazy furry, nor is she crazy smart. BUT if you want a brood ewe that is giant in the middle portion of her body and has enough junk in the trunk for two, she's your gal. Those housewives that can whoop on you tend to be the best cooks- don't forget that!
Location of Animals: New Plymouth, ID
Consignor Contact Info: Johnston Club Lambs * Katrina (208) 412-7960; Caleb (208) 695-8523 or
Website: Johnston Club Lambs
Delivery Options: ***With COVID-19, rides are changing rapidly. We will get the sheep delivered to the areas mentioned but the timing is going to be fluid.***1) OR, N. ID, WA & W. MT with Cody Lacy - 509-432-4514 $100-$200. 2) Delivery east on I-80 Cheyenne/I-70 to Oklahoma and Texas - mid-May 3) For other options please email Gary at

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This sale has ended. An invoice will be emailed to the winning bidders shortly. Thank you for your business.

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