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: Jun 03, 2024 07:00 AM

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We would like to welcome everyone to our 5th annual online Katahdin sale with Integrity Livestock.  We have  put together a powerful group of Katahdins to sell, built around a top genetic base.  Most of our progeny go back to a small group of select females.  We have selected for natural fall breeding in our flock, conformation, and production.  We strive for quality In our flock of  100 ewes, half lambing in the fall and half in the spring.  We use no CIDRS or hormones for fall lambs, so we just turn in rams and let them go to work.    

We are offering lambs in our sale from Achilles, CAG 5001, NSIP# 6401212021SH5001.  His EBV is 103.1 and he sired the Champion ram at the Missouri State Fair in 2023, as well as 3 class winners.  His females are producing now and doing a great job.

We purchased GFS 22236 “This Virginian” (NSIP# 6402022022GFS236) at the Gingerich Farms online sale, and this is our first opportunity to offer his lambs for sale.  His EBV is 103.2 and he has a very balanced set of numbers.   As you can tell from the pictures, his lambs really have a great pattern, and color is a bonus.        

Our first lambs are available from SHU 4725 “Rewind.”  This is the best son we have ever raised from Hercules, and his lambs did not disappoint this year.  They  had an average adjusted 60 day weight of 74 pounds.  They have bone, growth and muscle.  We used them on some maiden non proven ewes from Finder Katahdins and we are looking forward to more lambs from him with our 2024 fall lamb crop.    

We were very fortunate and thankful to Leslie Raber for leasing us Power Takeoff to sire our 2023 Fall lamb crop.       Power Takeoff was later  named Champion Ram at the Big E in Massachusetts in 2024.  We have retained many of the ewe lambs to go back in our flock, but we are offering two fall rams in the sale.  He brings some thickness to our lambs without sacrificing growth.     

Contact information:   Henry at 573.682.7127 (phone calls only, he does not text), or Becky 573.239.7553 (call or Text).

Delivery Options:  Complimentary delivery to the Midwest Sale in Sedalia, or to the Expo in Mexico, Missouri.  There is a hauler delivering to the KS, OK, TX area from Midwest, please call us for more information.  Thanks for checking out or sale!

Location:  Centralia, MO